What time can I check-in?  The earliest check-in is 8.00 am and latest is 11.00 pm only as we do not have 24 hr reception (we do make exceptions for late arrivals for more than a 2 nights stay for groups of three or more but this needs to confirmed BEFORE booking so we can organise someone to wait for you.) Only late check-ins confirmed by us in advance are admitted.

Is a Passport required to check-in?  Yes.

Is the area where the hostel located safe?  We are located on the northern edge of the Historical Centre. We recommend taking taxis in the evenings after 9:00 pm no matter where you travel in Quito and to travel as a couple or group. You will feel safe walking around the “old town” during the day and in the early evenings as there hundreds of people near the La Ronda area. There are police on almost  every corner. The area around the hostel is busy during the day and very quiet at night as we are a few blocks away from the shops, cafes and bright lights. Some people may tell you to avoid this area and stay in La Mariscal (Gringo Land) but the crime rate is higher there. Use common sense, be aware of pickpockets and don’t advertise your wealth with expensive cameras and jewellery. People who get intoxicated and then “stumble” back to there residences are most at risk. When leaving a bar or nightclub have the staff call a cab for you, please don’t just jump imto any car that comes along. Play it smart and enjoy everything Quito has to offer!

Is the area around the Hostel noisy?  Hostel Revolution is on a one way street that gets a reasonable amount of car traffic. We do get some noise from the street but generally the area is quiet after 10:00 pm. No matter where you go In Ecuador you will hear some dogs barking at night. If you are a very light sleeper you might try ear plugs.

How far is the Hostel from the new airport and how can we get there from the airport?  The new airport is about a 45-50 minute taxi ride from the Hostel.  The normal taxi charge is $26.00. If you are only 2 people you can try to share a ride to reduce the cost. The alternative is to take the Airport bus ($8.00) to the old Airport terminal and then take a taxi to the Hostel. You can also use the city bus .25 cents to get to the old town and then taxi a short $2-$3.00 taxi ride to the hostel.

Do you allow smoking on the premises?  We do not allow smoking in the rooms or anywhere inside the hostel. However you can smoke on the roof-top terrace. Our hostel is equipped with smoke alarms and we take customer safety seriously!

What is there to see and do in the area?  Lots. This is why we suggest staying with us. We are close to everything.

Basilica – climb the towers! 10 minutes walk

Itchimbia Park – best views! 10 minute walk uphill

Plaza Grande – 15 minute walk

Plaza Santo Domingo – 15 minute walk Plaza San Francisco – 20 minute walk

La Ronda – is one of Quitos oldest streets, restored with galleries, cafes & live music – 20 min walk

Central Market – try local dishes and seafood, cheap! 10 minute walk

La Mariscal-Plaza Foch– International foods, discos, bars, travel agencies. 20 minute walk

Parque el Ejido – 10 minute walk

Trolley, Metro, Ecovia buses – 5 minute walk these are the three main bus lines. Only .25 cents.

The  Historical Center contains Quito´s greatest attractions –  old Spanish  colonial houses, beautiful streets and plazas, museums, churches and monuments. There are also many cheap restaurants, cafes  and markets.  Walking through parts of the historical centre is like stepping back in time. Declared a world heritage city  by UNESCO,  Historical Quito has been reinvigorated since restoration started in the last several years.  As part  of  the  makeover, many buildings and streets have been restored, tourist infrastructure improved, police presence  increased and crime reduced. Today the area has much more to offer the visitor and locals alike. The restoration process is still underway with new projects being completed all  the time.