Getting Around

 Quito_trolleybus1-300x222Local Buses
The local bus transportation system in Quito is quite fast, efficient and inexpensive. There are three main bus lines which travel along one of Quito’s three main North-South thoroughfares. These lines are Trole, Ecovia, and Metrobus. They travel on their own car-free lanes and run at 5 minute intervals from 06:00 until 22:00. The bus fare is $0.25.

Terminal Quitumbe is located in the south of Quito. To reach Hostel Revolution from the Quitumbe you can take the Trole to Parque Alameda  or Ecovia to Eugenio Espejo.

Terminal Carcelén is located at the far north end of Quito. To reach Hostel Revolution from the Carcelén station, take a bus to Parque El Ejido and then walk over (only during the day) to the hostel or after 19:00 take a short taxi ride fort Parque El Ejido ($1.50).

Local city Cabs are all yellow. Most Cabs have meters but it’s possible to negotiate a flat rate. The minimum fare is $1.50 for short trips. Most trips from the hostel to la Mariscal will cost about $2.50 – $3.00 and you will pay about $4 for a longer trip. Most drivers won’t change bills over $5.00 so try to have some change.